Aloha Friday Motivation | Irish Pub Edition | #32

  Sláinte and Happy Aloha Friday! ( Blog Link ) St Paddy’s day is a lot of things to a lot of people, the least of which is a celebration of the actual St. Patrick. In fact, if you looked from afar at the debauchery and hooliganism you would swear you were witnessing a celebration of Bacchus, god of wine and giver of ecstasy (of course substitute the wine for Guinness and Irish Whiskey)! In 2008, for an entire year, 52 consecutive Sundays, I spent my late morning into afternoons at an Irish Pub, Anna Liffey’s (The Liff), in New Haven CT taking in (too many) pints of Smithwicks and a troop of amateur Musicians who would gather from 10AM until whenever each Sunday to play an Irish Jam session, not that dissimilar to this video . Some Sunday’s saw 20 musicians, some saw two, but there was always music emanating from the traditional irish pub (conveniently located sub-street level) on Sundays. Every Sunday was St. Paddy’s day that year. Now, every St Paddy’s Day brings me back to t