Showing posts from August 4, 2019 I remember being born not at birth but at thirteen No womb but consumed by things that were other worldly There was consumption and addictions and abductions man I wanna scream Some kid got lit up in a bed and his father was an accessory   I saw it on the tv, it was so sleazy, believe me I was thirteen years old and I was scared so easy I didn’t sleep for three nights and for ten years my dreams would freak me I couldn’t make out the difference between reality and my dreaming The room got big and I got small the walls so tall I started screaming  Next thing you know I was talking  and sleep waking Stalking my own demons  in a somnambulist cauldron  and I couldn’t get off it,  it was like a faucet  kept dripping and my lips slipping  I was choked up and coughing  and this happened so often  but I could tell no one it was awful  and I was caught in this nightmare  I was aware  That I wanted no one to get lost in It too
We carry the torch high for this one I’m not gonna lie I’m wishing  We could have a taste of our own medicine Set your scopes take your mark got your target Got em in your sights now your set but you park it You just Unlock the lock and decide to let em in  My thoughts like the nights stars are scattered and and hard to make out But the voice in my head, incessant decides it is gonna shout I’d love some peace and quiet but that’s just a nice sentiment I’m battered and bruised  You decide to cut loose Say you got nothing to gain I know i got nothing to lose So throw the switch light fuse It’s you bed to make so you must choose And like a head fake it’s just a ruse You haven’t got all night And me I haven’t a clue  I’m unsure whether this is a dream or reality Cause outside the window pain it’s raining like pathetic fallacy If your not gonna turn that shit down well then allow me I stand up pull that fucker out the wall, throw a bottle throug
This is it, this is me saying good bye I watch these memories  like moments passing by So sudden but fuckem  you can’t take em when you die So I erase em replace em  With all these tears that I cry I’m erupting, assumptions, presumptive This loving corrupted was something Now nothing, and whether your bumming I wonder what happens but frozen In moments I’m slumming and yet I know why So I pretend and I render the moment Surrender I try to define what I felt but I’m rendered And when I am done I succumb and I wonder This blunder could leave me  with all these tears that I cry I’m not certain but know that i must say goodbye This blueprint is soothing but soon it’s confusing I’m losing my grip and I take a deep sigh The crimson and brimstone and rhythm  It’s home grown and I’m thinking like ozone and broken like your phone and soaking in the sun with the clouds passing by