Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pursed Lips

We’ve tempted Sundays, pursing our lips at quick
Mimicked flickers of light that sprinkle in the mid day.
Our eyes heavier this day, off from weekday bluest hue
Upon the morning wave, curled inward towards land
Highways that bisect and recede behind us, care is taken
To remember their traced eye lid pins, that grip steel
To concrete and our rubber tires to the road.

In heaven, perhaps this road, blazed in sun’s fingers
Inching us closer towards towns we’ve seldom
Realized existed, insisted, their internal hum be
Fed towards our beating hearts, just far enough
Away, not to be heard by one another. A Sunday
Kind of love, turns the record round the dash,
Scanning for stations filled with static just to
Piss you off. I hear motion under finger nail
Scrapes that release skin, like my heart might
If beaten much faster. “Perchance” cries forth
Lips quiver, return to purse, now at the gulls, they
Circle, swoop and otherwise moan “Sunday” in their
Way. Tonight, not a week-ender, grimaced candor
Cadence recedes in hollow halls to mourn the eve
Passing piece by piece to the ocean line, the sky line.

Now, in degrees untold by maps, your breath beckons
Chiseling the words from the marble, and chocolate,
Of your chest, it erupts to sonic synthesis, you’ve crept
Into my arms, unbeknownst, bewildered and cursing.
Cancel any plans you have, we are here, and we are
As one mimicking the same flickers of light we purse
Our lips to, for this moment, we are the sun and we
Lack time, inside the fragile casing of our winter.

My love, my love, my love. For heavens sake
Heavens sake, heavens sake. Behold this instant
This instant, my love, for heavens sake, that I might
Piss you off, to rise from you a voice, striking as
Fist simple to chest and more…more over we stare
Pursing our lips to the wind, the light, and at once
In this morsel of a moment, bake ourselves to a thin
Crust and devour each other once and for all!

V-Day 2012 MG

Left Sock

I’d been circling round this merry-go
Skipping stones like only heaven knows
Missing central items to the these shelves I stock
Like laundry coming back with one less sock

So I’ve traveled roads both fast and slow
Waiting on the sunshine to fill up my soul
This port’s left vacant with an empty dock
Then along you come like my missing left sock

I’ve wrestled with words just to let you know
That my frozen feet and frozen toes
Were bruised and battered running round the block
Then out of nowhere here’s my missing left sock

Curtains hang from an open window
and the wind drifts in, only slightly though
it breezes by the hands of this ticking clock
you’ve returned for good my missing left sock

My soul hinges on to the side of a cliff
humming words that I know with a familiar riff
Loosening up the grips that once held stiff
Screaming straight to the wind leaving my words adrift

That You blanketed me when my oceans swell rose
Dredging in my heart for some signs of gold
Against a Bering sea swell you tightened your hold
Now with my lost left sock I can now grow old!