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Sendak VI

Sendak now sits six feet below street level the drilling cracks the cement extracts the earth from the earth, splits sister and brother, so soon to rain muddies the mix as concrete slips its dirty fingers into in through the front yard, plagues the child, sits abandoned at windows edge and wonders; silent troves of treasures to be unearthed. The sand box left uncovered, and the reign settled in for the overcast fog that moves, motion filled, aware eyes, cast upward notice it's motion with notions of its passing release. Sendak, slaps back the track of drops smacking the window bucks droplets tucked in the corners, the abrupt stopping of the torrent, then the shutter and release of more, echoes on roof tops, brooding bash-less, and scornful, like the wrath of childish eyes, peering out fogged windows, at an uncovered sand box, and dunes forged and pockets of miniature lakes form, and hands caress the pane, make hand prints that return, days later, when the sand box i