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In this collision course...

I'd lay a bet down on this quarter horse even when he's on an unrequitted collision course cause there's nothin worse than subverting the outcome for an empty purse he becomes a subliminal victim who is pivotal in the rise and fall of the digital mega-pixalated yet invisible criminal enterprise who is striving for the literal signs that their uprising, is now heading toward the visual definition of the end of the line, yet confined to the pre-assigned material outlining the sublimation of the holy and ethereal by denying closed eyes for the misanthropic lies of the surreal while trusting senses that are strangers offering false hope for real danger, the tattered remnants in piecemeal. starring at a mirrored image inqusitive wondering if this is for real In this collision course incontrovertable evidence that the defense forced to the tongue tied jury, staring like a wide eyed fire cracker distractor of the middle of the packer who would rather expl