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Report Card

To the left, my mind stands waiting to embark Right, begs reason but stands alone in the dark Struck hard, like stone tempting its skin to spark Come superman, from a mild mannered average Clark The fates have you, like a bullet in a vacuum Resume your reason to avoid being consumed My minds faded, so shut up and face it I'm left jaded, focused and waiting, frustrated strained from the distance between reason, but if I aced it like a test, I'd say wasted, talent doesn't display this Daily, explained mainly for outdated monotony A contrived, concentrated duration of intimidation is waiting behind closed doors, for sure, the score, I'd even then towards a new discretion, inspect the quest I creaked the wood laden specs directed, the intention incepted at the last moments of duress counteract the rest, circumvent the nautilus octopus takes full artistic license and crushes the vessels neck The fates have you, like a bullet in a vacuum Resume your reaso

Well-Wishers Be Warned

Unearthed retrieved ordeal, this root of all evil misguided perceptions, no believe me you tribe called quest, but quest be unequal cerebral, the main line appeal decibal level makes it all too real from fleeting image to real world composed of glass and steel conceal essence but the meaning's surreal left to upheaval, destroys the land, without burial but with far less worth than what your eyes reveal. Mere menacing agent breaths, pressure relieved deceived me as the night recedes moon to sun, as land from sea attempt to claim back the sleep I need shadows bleed light, reflects your greed please, don't ease, don't ease don't ease me in, shutter-release creased visage, from an unspoiled seed asked to lead, mouths to feed, beliefs turn creed biblically fetid, wind swept and god-speed careful then care free, churned urn, adorned burned for sure flames kissed the moon danced the waltz, followed the tune, the turn, and preserves the yearning, like the simple cistern mouth v