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Mainline to the Soul (Phish-Colorado II 9/3/2011)

Colorado II To Start, Possum ripped with a fury that spelled out the "thick" to which we would be in "IT", soon enough; and one would have hoped, but not necessarily guaranteed, that that dead animal lying in the middle of the road would be a mere after thought, if not simply a mile marker indicating our embarkation through a tour de force performance on the second night of Colorado's three night run. To step back, and one needed only to open their eyes, to behold the foot hills of the Colorado Rockies, approaching the venue from the East, the natural beauty of the environs could have been enough for a flop show and some memories of a marathon weekend. It may not be the Gorge, but it sure as hell is one comfortable venue, with some gorgeous scenery. Back to the music…The pace did not lessen as the band dropped into the last Moma Dance of the tour, and quite possibly the year. As Possum ended and the opening licks of Moma captured the audience, there was a