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Aloha Friday Motivation | Mahalo Alexa Edition | POST:051923

Happy Aloha Friday Y’all! This week, Sam Altman, CEO of the company that created ChatGPT, sat before the Senate Judiciary committee and told them, basically, that he had created a monster.   Was it coincidence that it happened on the week celebrating virtual assistants…let’s ask Alexa:   “Alexa, drop a beat! Yes, you can ask alexa to beat box and to rap, isn’t she amazing. In fact, Alexa, on this National Virtual Assistants Day…” Alexa interrupting me. ”(Insert Alexa Voice) Today is May 19 th and on this day we celebrate National Virtual Assistants Day. Not to be confused with me, Alexa, your virtual assistant.” “HUH!? But, Alexa, that is what I was alluding to, celebrating you.” “Matthew, today is not about me, today is about Virtual Assistants…would you like to learn more?” “Uh, I guess!?”   Scratching my head. “According to ( ) Virtual assistants are individuals who mostly work on a freelance basis to deliver