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Correspondence 4

Well, Frederick, last night I dreamt. It may sound funny, but I feel that we can have dreams, but when there is no understanding of these dreams, than all yo have are dreams. But, in the "act of dreaming" you understand, maybe I understand these dreams! I decided, in my dream, I would go bowling and entered the doors swinging inward and out like those of a bar, with a circular plastic window towards the top. Moving from the door energized and excited to gt bowling, I realized my bowling shoes were already on, laced up, and I was ready to bowl. All the lanes spiraled, or seemed to spiral in a way that kept their original straight quality; they seemed to buzz around me, all along still seeming straight. So while the lanes were staying straight and still turning, I turned with them, my ball, actually, turning and hitting the pins striking, with strikes or spares, but hitting all the pins in one or two or three shots. I was doing well, Frederick, well as in doing great, hittin