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Icculus! PT I

Misguided, misplaced from that stowed away book like Multi-beast jabs, turned blinding right hook lost my shit in a deal, for my knight, with a rook Wilson, the rebels proclaimed, you bad crook Jones Beach drenched the groundwork for weeks malcontent venting hell bent towards Maine, Loose in the moment Molly's lips kissing mine, turned Great Woods heaven sent then to Camden, a run, God's conceived, in merriment! T-Pain's hizzle drizzled and the dusting awoke Sirens swiftly persuade as words were unspoke crystal images glisten as their tempers invoke a grip towards the neck in a tempting to choke Fleet Hound's bay at moon in a fortnight beware counting in their countenance agaze at a glare firing several warning shots in a frenze to scare colonel forbin's armed rebels those which none compare