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Aloha Friday Motivation | Lunar Edition | POST:072123

Happy Aloha Friday, Ask Jeeves about the Lunar Landing and you immediately get hit after hit of the American Moon Landing on July 20 th 1969. But, Ask Jeeves about Walking on the Moon and…that same hit list is now focused on The Police and Sting and their hit Walking on the Moon . Worse yet, Ask him about the Moon Walk and things get even more dicey…LOL! Did you know: Walking on the Moon, by the Police, was born the morning after an evening of drunken debauchery in Munich. Sting recalls, “I was drunk in a hotel room in Munich, slumped on the bed with the whirling pit when this riff came into my head. I got up and started walking round the room, singing 'Walking round the room, ya, ya, walking round the room'. That was all. In the cool light of morning I remembered what had happened and I wrote the riff down. But 'Walking Round the Room' was a stupid title so I thought of something even more stupid which was 'Walking on the Moon'.” It is a little known fac