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Letters to Phish (Halloween 2010)

So I wrote these random letters to the band members of my favorite band. A few were lost before I could ever transcribe them (lost, that is, to the myriad of fans I handed them out to amidst the transcedent, tranformation of a weekend in AC!) So, without further ado... 10/28/2011 Dear Trey, Happy Halloween. Organs blaze orange, as the red candle glow of a strumming hand engages the bass with a jack-o-lantern grin that presupposes a hi-hat crash will dive bomb emminently. I feel I've...dunnununt...never told you...dunt...the story of the ghost. So you know, if your wandered into my cavernous landscape and took a seat amidst the rocks and stalagtites of my miind, you might rejoice in teh retelling of the dawn of man, from humble beginnings to electric virility. We should harness the spirits and evoke the memories of the funk and mollasses, cruising the stratosphere and boardwalk of all hallows eve. Yours,