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Bethel Woods Part One: Where is my band and what have you done with them?

What an opener it was. Nestled in the rear section of the pavilion, next to a brother sister combo, whose combined age could not have surpassed 12, embarking upon their first show, I felt a little nostalgia for that feeling of stepping into something new, something that you have no vocabulary for, and no road map to help you to guide, or stumble rather, through a virgin experience. Unless you were on stage, no one could have foretold the opening pitch of opening day, and after a week and half of worry over the weather, the skies of my mind cleared and Tweezer was the only thing raining for miles around; and you could see for many of them here in Bethel. With the summer evening converging with what was left of the afternoon, the boys stepped into high gear, and while not dropping a half hour explosion, got the point of their musical thoughts while not cutting the jam haphazardly, strolling rather effortlessly into My friend, My friend with an air of Guyute teased through the beginning s