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Life During War Time (*)

They traded blood, bled, leapt hurdled, in war, toiled Thundered subtle, explosions rubble erupt and boils Flanked frigid conditions, crossed covert, admission where seas froze Invaded nation’s capital, caravan arriving in droves Misfit miscreants they flicker like a fire fly they can stimulate the facts til they simulate a lie left the cocoon in ruin, spurned from the flame of confusion tapping the light as a wheel in the spoke promising fire then exhaling smoke. Embracing the action, mere fraction of faction, poised penitent pose In assassins pace, soldiers faced fetid burnt skin loose hue of rose Pre-emptive mental lapse, hands clasped elapsed fast as fingers exposed Attack from treetop canopy lands enemy, as battalions camp quiet below Misfit miscreants they flicker like a fire fly you can stimulate the facts til you simulate a lie left the cocoon in ruin, spurned from the flame of confusion tapping the light as a wheel in the spoke promising fire then exhali

All Things Considered (*)

All things considered I've had some lessons to learn bridges to burn, fences to mend seas to churn, ends to meet, rules to bend i'v been sailing tides til they turn All things considered the world is bitter small determine the splinter with large heights to fall enter the dragon cautious to imagine lights in flight, all in all to crawl, odyssey of withdrawal beg knees to the floor bruised feet kick the door as it swings shutting out opportunities for more (refrain) All things considered I implore keep arms stretched out for your next chance to draw conclusions from a war mind mental strains thinking that invasion's a cure of minds that are pure primary colors rising from the shore create a fortress of solitude, demanding attitude waves crashing along a different lattitude asking questions like how you do when answers teeter further from the truth stepping out of my own telephone booth worries tear me apart like like a lions tooth guid

Media-ocracy (*)

Now that I've Battened down the hatches patched up these holes with patches removed all the pins from their latches and though I've just run out of matches, so flint and friction can't fashion a blazing inferno reaction you shouldn't be knocking my actions I've formed a marvelous faction bought a large patch of land for really nearly a fraction of the price they were askin all because of my smoke and mirror distractions and because the economies static It's at night that I invite all the riots you incite with your fires burning bright stoke the passions to excite casting words that we recite So now you know what all the facts is Veering towards these fabulous action packed reactions deteriorating mental lapses here to capture all your tracks in careful sewn tight packages turn these thoughts into actions into visible mental images succinct visionary visages glistening burning bridges after removing all their hinges on destructio