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Yo ho ho (St Maarten en totale)

(A post script as prologue) St Maarten March 2012 If island life is accessible, that is to say, attainable by way of immersion and happenstance, it must be stuffy, and anti-climatic; thoroughly trying to complete your daily routine of hand written tasks, almost crossing off the last chore, stepping in line, and someone new and unfamiliar getting in line just ahead of you, not knowing they need cash, attempting to promulgate the unfairness of the situation, sunlight slowly trickling down the back of the day, limping to the rear of the sky's limited stage: again, stuffy and anti-climactic. Certainly Isla Pinel is a stark contrast to St Maarten life, in relation to St Maarten life as it relates directly to tourists; which is to say the way the USA olympic team of (insert sport here) might closely be found to have ties with the wanderlust youth of, say Czechoslovakia; slim, as it were, to none. And in the deep, mountainous cold theme being presented forthright, I imagine