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Aloha Friday Motivation | A "Good" Phishing Email | POST:071423

Happy Aloha Friday! Summer is upon us and with it comes those summer staples; unavoidable things like record heat, mosquitoes, humidity, lightning storms, those annoyances that wreak havoc on us. But there is the trade-off…BBQs, Pool Days, Beach Days, that enormous inflatable narwhal sprinkler (yes I have one and a unicorn, taboot), and Summer Concerts. This week marked the official start to Phish’s summer tour , which kicked off on the 11 th in Huntsville Alabama. For many, the word phish conjures images of deviant social engineers bombarding the inboxes of unsuspecting recipients with unassuming emails hoping to trick them into clicking malicious links and stealing their precious sensitive data...or worse, launching ransomware across an organizational network in search of a quick pay-day. But for others, Phish is a shining example of the American Dream, a band that has somehow defied convention, for over 4 decades, of what it means to be in the music industry.   Leaning almo