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If it isn't self evident Concerning dead presidents I'd hold these truths to be misleading then Abolish all meaning then Couldn't stand hearing them Tailored my suits again Mis spoke truths again Wasn't quite rude and then Tried to be a better man But resting on my laurels can Ruin all chances of Earning my place above Crimson tide rub a dub Hoping for chance at love Fitting tighter than a glove Relaxing at home verse the club Soaking the suds from my tub Hoping patience is enough Prize fighters all acting tough Holding weak hand call my bluff Should I shave or wear this scruff With Pressed collars and French cuffs Wouldn't it be nice Calling shots and rolling dice Tubs and sonny running vice Go speed racer failed twice In the land of milk and ice Could have worked out very nice But words are labeled in concise Victims of their own device Failed attempts to fix the splice Twisted the wrist to hide these eyes Waiting for the chance to see the sights I could have cont

Roll to the Tide

I Escapades into outer space, limited engagement- limited space, as Exits ceased to cut and evade even my frenetic pace evincing glimpses, turn the bend, of an altering mental state my mind spins and spun begins to replicate patterns and sound, sunlight circling, chasing the ground fretting each other in a primordial panic state. Wait for the baked cake to settle and dictate, batter whipped and dip-sipped, flour and eggs to create this half truth moment i helped to consecrate II From bettin against threats, neurons firing split ends retinas retain haggered edges and mends colors that form clear in weight, sleight of hand, picasso's houdini against the ornate and here I am straight from the gate anticipation rises eclipsing my lingering fate. Couldn't wait for the bus, such a simple tin crate then he ate in four shifts, dipped his head as his lips taste the meals that would not cooperate. stomach ached crackle vase tipped and slit traced the edges of this tourniquet held bandag