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Furthur From The 1ST (11/6/2011)

To say Sunday's show was an intimate affair was only to recognize that the Mullins Center 10,600 Capacity was half vacant, and all who were in attendance were in for jaunt down memory lane. Intimate would not describe the song selection of the first set; seemingly produced straight from the mind of a jaded lover attempting to (unsuccessfully, mind you) try to get over the scorn that he felt for his Lost Lover. Dazzlingly down trodden, if at all intentioned, Foolish Heart, with the guitar's lighthearted introduction of notes, led to a simple jam on the theme and dispersed into the air, the crowd combining to make each moment, the most exciting in anticipation of the next note and song. It seemed the smaller crowd, rounding out this mid level arena leaving the upper rows and back stage bare, were in full focus for the evening, bringing the event much more significance. The boys on stage had little concern of the size of the crowd, butmust have revelled in their intent and attenti

Mt Fuji

Lost my shit trying to act casual I couldn't have imagined life is what would happen at first stuck in mental traction back breakin', inaction In these dreams I was Charlie Chaplin walking waddle funny fashion tight thick moustache caneing around with bowler cap on But I've tied my means together needle and thread in one ear, for the better verses sewn through your head enleashed bombs, en masse with underlying captions. These words are like Webster's one life exits, one enters but I come through lyrically factual, thrusting opponents towards the actual Enemy troops that enter in gradual and recede with my tidal pool. Water's cool Then supernatural, like Northern Lights I brighten the sky, stars explode your eyes, wide shut, to capture it all. If this was try outs you'd be passed on blasted off like Vultron If this were Mask, I'd ask them to keep their mask on I'd ignite as if I'd spilled gas on this fire burning inside In wild fire f