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Sewn to Stitches

Your pretending is endless, so here are my suggestions as you find yourself Defenseless inept to my intentions, unless this, no wait, correction, I will leave you senseless blindly idle and penniless, scrambling your defenses, make you part of my nutritous breakfast you couldn't even exhale, as my words, they leave you breathless if I'm wrong then correct this, when I say suspect this, your detectors reject this, so your still jotting down notes I've got you checked off my checklist, I'll bring it all back, in case you missed the stacked mental impact of collaborating systems intrinsic in this poly phonic blissed out and rhythmic conniption fit, that you I'll connect this my endless, ramble of thoughts tempts rhythms and clench fists it's water dripping to quench lips, counteract conventions at best this counter culture remolder, makes times suspended jedi mind tricks leave you tempting the tempted, quietly presenting my thesis it's pieces con