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Passage At Sea

I look back upon the wandering life I left sqaundering, pondering the path I blazed in this trampled dream expound upon memories that intently seem farther from memory, extra-sensory parts of whole but split at the seams ripped from the middle and torn far from me hard for me, interconnected arteries that hardly seem part of me and when there is fog it is hard to see the mist that surrounds it is haunting me taunting me, i'm fragile though agile, and its calling me like I've parted the ocean but then turn to see the waves coming over to swallow me the shadows they cast seem to follow me my voice shrieking hollow in mutiny in this instant my life seems to abandon me certainly, vicious attacks seems a certainty fervently, urging for solace not sympathy impotent limping to higher ground, to shore from sea blazing the trail I grasp avidly, screaming back at sea salt stinging cuts, blood traces tears so its hard to see latent, I bellow in agony, patiently g