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Breathing Smoke

This collision course, acts seemed forced- interrogation turned coerced confession caused reason divorced couldn't address the situation subversive torrent of a poor horse short the quarter, maybe slaughter is worse. These words used, absurd views, choice cues, set up to succeed then turn a mind confused through subtle commands, subdued failed in all attempts to diffuse the right from the wrong weak from the strong voice from the song have angled to the truth. Misfit magfly, turning ugly from the butterfly left the cocoon in ruin, spurned from the flame of confusion tapping the light as a wheel in the spoke promising fire then exhaling smoke. All hail the allegiance comic credence 10 story fall bounce back from the ground have your back to the wall rubber-stasis, laden, bottle craving, misfit misbehaving cretin left shoes tied, staving off the laws there disobeying praying for patience, but with any chance they unlace them. It's no joke, that I once awoke, sweat beaded, caught