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Master(ful) 2012

Here is my ode to the prestigious golf tournament, the year of Oosthuizen's Albatross (aka double eagle)  and Bubba’s unbelievable second shot from deep in the woods!  Click on each for links to both. Enjoy!   Masterful 2012   Pretty birdie for Couples now heading towards five Double eagle on four makes the crowd come alive A Forty yard curl, from a pine needle lie Gets the ball to the green, saves that opening drive   It's Augusta, Easter Sunday, this Mass held outside The Tee Box- the altar, hear the crowd's pious sighs bystanders kneel, lips pursed, scanning eyes spy hazards, it's waters, where balls get baptized.   Tightly manicured greens, framed with bunkers white sand Though they aim for the hole, these traps hope to land Second shots, iron plops, slicing back from the strands of thicker bentgrass- shatters dreams where they stand   All sights set on Green, where arms slip through the sleeves but Butler Cabin's long of