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Aloha Friday Motivation | West Coast Edition | POST:061723

Happy Aloha Friday y’all! ( Blog Link ) By all accounts, June 16 th is THE date that helps coalesce a myriad of random factoids. It not only helps congeal a loose series of seemingly unrelated people, places and events, but it provides a gold streaked vein of connection to help somehow bring more sense to the universe. June 16 th is the proverbial Gorilla Glue that binds the fabric of time. Let me explain: Tupac Shakur, Tony Gwynn , The Monterey Pop Festival, The US Open and, of course, Father’s Day! Get it? Well maybe not at first glance, so let me break it down for you: June 16 th is the date that the Monterey Pop Festival launched in 1967, also the introduction of Jimi Hendrix (a lefty) to a US audience. June 16 th , 1971, Tupac Shakur is born. Shakur, a prolific wordsmith (and lefty) in his short time on earth would go on to impact generations through his song writing, acting, and activism. Though he was born in New York, he was the face of west