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Happy Birthday

Money owned this town, 2002 in with the speed of sound JFK outbound, landing LAX and your passport found fight or flight, right to the underground towards Sydney harbor views temptations abound choose puddle jumper, propeller sound, over quick snooze port douglas port o call, jeering jet lag blues haven't written a poem, nor a song, talking bally hoo stroganoff stomach taunts these ragged shoes 4x Bitter Roo burger all puzzled with clues true, too the ripe sting of anemone hues ooze ankles dispelling myth for aboriginals to diffuse Quick ride to the country side, swallowing pride Doctor's hide bitter stench of a sterile nose dive blamed me, my frisbee, quickly, don't you dig me alive jumping from a plane, unleashed the bush beast from within me Holler to the south, ground braking Opera House Sydney mornings come early brimming from without scout a room, tout, taunt and japanese clout maybe your mouth is hum drum and drought maybe gin an tonic is as bad as we thought far fro