Aloha Friday Motivation | Irish Pub Edition | #32


Sláinte and Happy Aloha Friday! (Blog Link)

St Paddy’s day is a lot of things to a lot of people, the least of which is a celebration of the actual St. Patrick. In fact, if you looked from afar at the debauchery and hooliganism you would swear you were witnessing a celebration of Bacchus, god of wine and giver of ecstasy (of course substitute the wine for Guinness and Irish Whiskey)!

In 2008, for an entire year, 52 consecutive Sundays, I spent my late morning into afternoons at an Irish Pub, Anna Liffey’s (The Liff), in New Haven CT taking in (too many) pints of Smithwicks and a troop of amateur Musicians who would gather from 10AM until whenever each Sunday to play an Irish Jam session, not that dissimilar to this video. Some Sunday’s saw 20 musicians, some saw two, but there was always music emanating from the traditional irish pub (conveniently located sub-street level) on Sundays. Every Sunday was St. Paddy’s day that year. Now, every St Paddy’s Day brings me back to that basement bar, where the music lingered in the air just a little longer and louder than the low rumble of the crowd and the Guinness flowed freely. The Liff closed a few years back, but the memories highlight in that link above recounts the place it held in the hearts of many for the time it was open. A place where Sunday seemed crawl on eternally and blanketed you in the belief that tomorrow’s workday was far enough away for you to enjoy another pint or two.

Here are some Interesting St Paddy's Day Facts for you to chew on along with your Corned Beef Hash. Chase it down with a Guinness or a Smithwicks, or a Tullamore D.E.W. Lest Jameson and Bushmills be the death of you!