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No Regrets

It’s start with a spark, the flint  just to get the fire lit, it’s dark  Thinking this is it, gotta make your mark Til the morning hits, let it be legit Let it rush in fast, let me get a grip Knowing that spirit, brought to the limit I’ve tried, I’ve realized, that the more I try The more that it flies, the more that i realize That this time is a prize, a shimmer in my eyes A glimmer that I prize, simmering inside Marking my demise  sparkle in my eyes Now I’m sheltered from the skies  And no matter how I try I can’t shake the feeling  And I won’t compromise Listen, please listen.  Cause there’s something I gotta say I’m staring out the window  On this cold and rainy day I’m looking at clouds And the silver linings gray It’s been a minute since I got lifted  And sifted through my own messes  My guess is that while I’ll miss em  I probably won’t regret em Nah nah It’s been years and their all a blur to me Now something had