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Althea Redux

settle back, jack, from this close attack flush these minutes down through the cracks its your shifted eyes that crowds attract althea, my friend, give him some slack gravity's grave is earths decay widdled down reason, your words a play crimson drips from a shiny blade the knifes removed but the scar has stayed The voices eclipse the surrounding mist evinced in glimpses of embers crisp in stoked excitement the twilight grips fabric catches static and quickly rips it's seam is stripped to shreds and slips like words from lips that crack and split a bed to rest and dreams distinct Althea for me your his fingerprints Loose with the truth, stokes the rising fire truce is the news, but your starting to perspire rain down friction when the scene seems dire gets you clutching to the edge when you're down to the wire

Words of Wisdom

I'll always remember what my mother told me, that I might be alone though her word may hold me I should have been smart just stop and listen but I talked too much, which left her reason hidden but here's the admission, I won't deny my mission to learn to breath, though i'm inconsistent but my words they clang, souls might sting clothes mights tear, and my worries cling she said to wait, though patience had me thinking I dug a trench, but then tried to sleep in when I second guessed, memory stood to reason I creeped in, a mental waring treason, but who sees in also frees him, cancels pain, just to create beacons light that streams from the current season careful now just to relieve, just to ease in don't ease don't ease, please freeze the seizure of current teasing of the evolved creature taught jesus is love, but his father the reaper. When she spoke so slow, my soul it glowed just to learn and know, that my mind might g

In this collision course...

I'd lay a bet down on this quarter horse even when he's on an unrequitted collision course cause there's nothin worse than subverting the outcome for an empty purse he becomes a subliminal victim who is pivotal in the rise and fall of the digital mega-pixalated yet invisible criminal enterprise who is striving for the literal signs that their uprising, is now heading toward the visual definition of the end of the line, yet confined to the pre-assigned material outlining the sublimation of the holy and ethereal by denying closed eyes for the misanthropic lies of the surreal while trusting senses that are strangers offering false hope for real danger, the tattered remnants in piecemeal. starring at a mirrored image inqusitive wondering if this is for real In this collision course incontrovertable evidence that the defense forced to the tongue tied jury, staring like a wide eyed fire cracker distractor of the middle of the packer who would rather expl


Its a new age politics, call it stop drop and logistics while I'm scanning in through the out door your trading candidates like stock tips asking who are you out for, I see your casino chips stacked high like thick bricks your only lobbying for your next fix so you and your constituents can get higher than olympus and your telling us, its victims, its in us, but thats fictitious Its like a full moon in full bloom when the high tide is vicious you're just fly by the night and your intentions are wicked with blinding headlights crossing street lines your actions are malicious Now your trying to defend your victimless wars with your Rooks framed by pawns send your white night to C4 now that your toes tasted sand shifted your soldiers toward land and your devastating our shores like fracking for gas every stateline your pass tallies one victim more