Correspondence 4

Well, Frederick, last night I dreamt. It may sound funny, but I feel that we can have dreams, but when there is no understanding of these dreams, than all yo have are dreams. But, in the "act of dreaming" you understand, maybe I understand these dreams! I decided, in my dream, I would go bowling and entered the doors swinging inward and out like those of a bar, with a circular plastic window towards the top. Moving from the door energized and excited to gt bowling, I realized my bowling shoes were already on, laced up, and I was ready to bowl. All the lanes spiraled, or seemed to spiral in a way that kept their original straight quality; they seemed to buzz around me, all along still seeming straight. So while the lanes were staying straight and still turning, I turned with them, my ball, actually, turning and hitting the pins striking, with strikes or spares, but hitting all the pins in one or two or three shots. I was doing well, Frederick, well as in doing great, hitting pins and dancing across lane lines, tickets were flying, pieces of paper, flying and falling, falling slow and fast, from teh machines, where the machines now dispensed tickets, like skee ball machines; me having fun, hitting pins, getting points, now knocking down pins, getting points! Now, now I make my move, grabbing the person's next to me pin, I tried in feeble attempts, to bowl with each hand, in two lanes, one ball per hand, tied to each other, the balls tied to each other, and smoothly, my lane, ball moving smoothly, the other person's ball smoothly too, as well, rolling thin planked, greased floors, still spiraling, and lights flashing, both balls moving smoothly, maybe the other lane's more smoothly! My ball begins to break, my lane, Brooklyn, south side, sliding across right to left, surpassing the strike zone, catching the head pin, slicing it hard to the right, it richochets, then returns back left, slicing the lower section of the red necked pins and clearing the space, ten empty spaces. My left hand, not my lane, hit pins, falling, all I feel or know is fall, falling down, the ground!


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