Mt Fuji

Lost my shit trying to act casual
I couldn't have imagined
life is what would happen
at first stuck in mental traction
back breakin', inaction
In these dreams I was Charlie Chaplin
walking waddle funny fashion
tight thick moustache
caneing around with bowler cap on
But I've tied my means together
needle and thread
in one ear, for the better
verses sewn through your head
enleashed bombs, en masse
with underlying captions.

These words are like Webster's
one life exits, one enters
but I come through lyrically factual,
thrusting opponents towards the actual
Enemy troops that enter in gradual
and recede with my tidal pool. Water's cool
Then supernatural,
like Northern Lights
I brighten the sky, stars explode
your eyes, wide shut, to capture it all.

If this was try outs you'd be passed on
blasted off like Vultron
If this were Mask, I'd ask them to keep their mask on
I'd ignite as if I'd spilled gas on
this fire burning inside
In wild fire fashion
call in support to thwart distraction
common concoction
of mental torment and detraction.

As I lay my hand on
your knee jerk reaction,
I lay brick, groundwork, pray for action


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