If it isn't self evident
Concerning dead presidents
I'd hold these truths to be misleading then
Abolish all meaning then
Couldn't stand hearing them
Tailored my suits again
Mis spoke truths again
Wasn't quite rude and then
Tried to be a better man
But resting on my laurels can
Ruin all chances of
Earning my place above
Crimson tide rub a dub
Hoping for chance at love
Fitting tighter than a glove
Relaxing at home verse the club
Soaking the suds from my tub
Hoping patience is enough
Prize fighters all acting tough
Holding weak hand call my bluff
Should I shave or wear this scruff
With Pressed collars and French cuffs

Wouldn't it be nice
Calling shots and rolling dice
Tubs and sonny running vice
Go speed racer failed twice
In the land of milk and ice
Could have worked out very nice
But words are labeled in concise
Victims of their own device
Failed attempts to fix the splice
Twisted the wrist to hide these eyes
Waiting for the chance to see the sights

I could have contended
But my roots were upended
Roses smelled sweet and endings splendid
Worked for less but dipped my hand in
Thought I'd tripped but then I landed
Developed film that left me candid
Bought the island when I felt stranded
Split cuffs when stuck when friends demanded
Waxed on and pushed off when boards needed sanding
Actions seemed subdued though the intent intended
I grounded the crew when the ship upended

Currently tension needs diffusing
Though your actions left moods confusing
I'd slapped the clock and went on snoozing
I know how to hit but to reduce bruising
Cruising the line content on loosing
The borderline when my mind stopped choosing
Preffered red then my mind let blues in
Handled the candle though the wax left contusions
Brink of the flint as the lighter leaked fuel in
To the cup of my hand, and fire balls explosion
Though My minds private party refused some, I let those in
That could handle the pressure and implosion
Of war, conflict, and pit their toes on
Like gis jonesing for ms ho chi min
Vietnam trampled most in a gross mission
To smuggle from the hills smoky blood diamonds


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