Well-Wishers Be Warned

Unearthed retrieved ordeal, this root of all evil
misguided perceptions, no believe me you
tribe called quest, but quest be unequal
cerebral, the main line appeal
decibal level makes it all too real
from fleeting image to real world
composed of glass and steel
conceal essence but the meaning's surreal
left to upheaval, destroys the land, without burial
but with far less worth than what your eyes reveal.

Mere menacing agent breaths, pressure relieved
deceived me as the night recedes
moon to sun, as land from sea
attempt to claim back the sleep I need
shadows bleed light, reflects your greed
please, don't ease, don't ease
don't ease me in, shutter-release
creased visage, from an unspoiled seed
asked to lead, mouths to feed, beliefs turn creed
biblically fetid, wind swept and god-speed
careful then care free, churned urn, adorned
burned for sure flames kissed the moon
danced the waltz, followed the tune, the turn,
and preserves the yearning, like the simple cistern
mouth visible body buried beneath the lawn
sheltered from trees above, leaves rustle and whisperin
shimmer and scorn, from death your cast
ressurected, re-born!


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