Happy Birthday

Money owned this town,
2002 in with the speed of sound
JFK outbound, landing LAX and your passport found
fight or flight, right to the underground
towards Sydney harbor views temptations abound
choose puddle jumper, propeller sound, over quick snooze
port douglas port o call, jeering jet lag blues
haven't written a poem, nor a song, talking bally hoo
stroganoff stomach taunts these ragged shoes
4x Bitter Roo burger all puzzled with clues
true, too the ripe sting of anemone hues
ooze ankles dispelling myth for aboriginals to diffuse
Quick ride to the country side, swallowing pride
Doctor's hide bitter stench of a sterile nose dive
blamed me, my frisbee, quickly, don't you dig me
alive jumping from a plane, unleashed the bush beast from within me

Holler to the south, ground braking Opera House
Sydney mornings come early brimming from without
scout a room, tout, taunt and japanese clout
maybe your mouth is hum drum and drought
maybe gin an tonic is as bad as we thought
far from bar one to hotel draft
apt as the forward thinking back from the aft
after the evening has been whittled and past
Dead bears, gaelic footballs, and holly sheets cast
I declare get out declarations been made
but beds line the floor and everyones stayed
laid down for the rest, the evening's plans laid
wine conjures the crown of this cradle we've made
dog logs the mind jogs it fogs red lights haze
Pokies cry victor as bandits saves staved
crinkled aussie money lines this fortuitous grave

Aussie day, Sean's day, and lucy slips in
steals sips from the vessel and thickens the brim
Fortunes of War where the quickening begins
walls melting like picasso painting straight from within
floating circus of devil's sinking in sin
as we cast down to hoyt and Botan Gardens
bling bling ring ring bling bling ring ring
monorail trail fails freeing the tracks
stuffed up the relics nestled deep in our packs
southern hemisphere's largest within reach at last
tony and jolene are the next spells to cast
Probe jokes are born amidst staged stunt acts
syncopated rhythms at a dissonant pace
cracks form and facts swarm in a rigorous race
blue mountains more sweet when simply replaced
with the bush beast and theme songs ears to lips graced

So back stacked the jack that we lacked from without
cradled and nestled and jostled about
baggage clings ragged and acid burns out
steeped in the carry on, a customary route
We've parted in pieces and said our goodbyes
wrinkles line faces and lies line the mind
harboring fugitives, the lysergic kind
seeping from visages reciting defined.


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