Left Sock

I’d been circling round this merry-go
Skipping stones like only heaven knows
Missing central items to the these shelves I stock
Like laundry coming back with one less sock

So I’ve traveled roads both fast and slow
Waiting on the sunshine to fill up my soul
This port’s left vacant with an empty dock
Then along you come like my missing left sock

I’ve wrestled with words just to let you know
That my frozen feet and frozen toes
Were bruised and battered running round the block
Then out of nowhere here’s my missing left sock

Curtains hang from an open window
and the wind drifts in, only slightly though
it breezes by the hands of this ticking clock
you’ve returned for good my missing left sock

My soul hinges on to the side of a cliff
humming words that I know with a familiar riff
Loosening up the grips that once held stiff
Screaming straight to the wind leaving my words adrift

That You blanketed me when my oceans swell rose
Dredging in my heart for some signs of gold
Against a Bering sea swell you tightened your hold
Now with my lost left sock I can now grow old!


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