Master(ful) 2012

Here is my ode to the prestigious golf tournament, the year of Oosthuizen's Albatross (aka double eagle)  and Bubba’s unbelievable second shot from deep in the woods!  Click on each for links to both. Enjoy!


Masterful 2012


Pretty birdie for Couples now heading towards five

Double eagle on four makes the crowd come alive

A Forty yard curl, from a pine needle lie

Gets the ball to the green, saves that opening drive


It's Augusta, Easter Sunday, this Mass held outside

The Tee Box- the altar, hear the crowd's pious sighs

bystanders kneel, lips pursed, scanning eyes

spy hazards, it's waters, where balls get baptized.


Tightly manicured greens, framed with bunkers white sand

Though they aim for the hole, these traps hope to land

Second shots, iron plops, slicing back from the strands

of thicker bentgrass- shatters dreams where they stand


All sights set on Green, where arms slip through the sleeves

but Butler Cabin's long off, can't see the tree for the leaves

Thursdays stroke leader has no time to breathe

As Friday turns weekend those leaders now grieve.


Sunday, the stage set, Georgia thawed now to spring

With the day taking shape, those left stand to bring

Subtle Grace, like song birds, perched from trees as they sing

Blistering drives, on aggressive lines, that stick as they sting!


Whether winner out right, or sudden death's best

the cups sits, the flag flaps, just over that crest

Champions forged, in their wake lie the rest

For the right, jacket worn, Master's badge on the breast!

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