Its a new age politics, call it stop drop and logistics
while I'm scanning in through the out door your trading candidates like stock tips
asking who are you out for, I see your casino chips stacked high like thick bricks
your only lobbying for your next fix so you and your constituents can get higher than olympus

and your telling us, its victims, its in us, but thats fictitious
Its like a full moon in full bloom when the high tide is vicious
you're just fly by the night and your intentions are wicked
with blinding headlights crossing street lines your actions are malicious

Now your trying to defend your victimless wars
with your Rooks framed by pawns
send your white night to C4
now that your toes tasted sand
shifted your soldiers toward land
and your devastating our shores
like fracking for gas
every stateline your pass
tallies one victim more


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