Visions of 30 Years

Enough, set the stage
upend the place and turn the page
cradle the moment and earn your wage
stiffen your neck and take the wave
let it drive through you, watch as it pays
then the sun sets and paves the way

The mornings forewarning, the quiet handed
caged clouded visage trapped in the image
Enough, five years spent for five years aged
quick to trick, tip the brim, set the stage
however clever, cleaves the finger, blood wet bandage

I've vibed with less, intended bliss
as destination, put in the address
obsessed with the rest, about a sense
of emptiness. I decided its time
to imagine my life a fine wine
aged and avoided crimes of the mind
teetering footstep edges from the divine
resigned to dive back in and sin
all in all, in the fashion of the time.

I've imbibed the truth
heard footsteps on the roof
flipped mattresses uncovered the proof
the substance of which could carry the troops
armor laden and armed to disprove
a life in the day which keeps madness at bay
sayers of sooth, tongues numb, calm and aloof
keep the madness at bay
embroiled in the skirmish of the day
But my words lack substance
lack a deity of above us
a spirit to rub up against
to charter declarations to protest
force levy's to bloat, a nation's conquest
I have drunk from the grail
know I'm worthy to fail
plans to bypass this jail
stand here frail
to the bone
endure the skills that I have honed
for the cause
to get here for a pause
before I resume this work again


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