Sendak pt 2

Sendak, away, frigid in evening's bedroom, river of wall to wall crushed grated carpet shredded dense and wafting in an ocean lull's mimicked flicker of phosphorous flinting, hinted at an excess of moon. Plush and "thingy" warding off the crimson, spirits weighed heavily in melted ice to a watery grave. IN your office...statement made blanket as warmth enters in as false, as alcoholic and brimming with vodka breath, stench closely resembles the inhale of my entire 10th year. Majorska! Exclaimed in stringent warped huffs of herculean frenzy; false prophets face forward in quarter horse quandary unable to grasp "going on?" Back flipping in to my bedroom, one off the master, sailing high rise ceilings grimace into stares from far off indecipherable calamity janes that have drifted from my dreaming subconscious.


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