Mt Fuji

I've been avoiding disaster,
trailing crafty as ever
upping the ante,
sleight of handing the master
mistakes that talk tough,
crack up
and laugh at her,
suspects sure to grapple the laughter
that after
the night's tryptych light strike
might stand up and matter
Confused, what you say
in that way may trigger disaster.
I'm as overdue as Mt Fuji
this lava flowing through me
my eruption all consuming
people flee in frenzy
my destruction will up-end thee
tectonics plates are truly
the catastrophic heathen bully
with trampling feet,
mobs turn unruly
unrest the population
thier main stay relation with
the doom we
prevail on those below our trails and hills
ruin will soon be
the morning after
as crafty as means taking over my laughter
sung down hill and faster
storming rain in the hereafter


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