All Things Considered (*)

All things considered
I've had some lessons to learn
bridges to burn,
fences to mend
seas to churn,
ends to meet, rules to bend
i'v been sailing tides til they turn
All things considered
the world is bitter small
determine the splinter
with large heights to fall
enter the dragon
cautious to imagine
lights in flight, all in all
to crawl, odyssey of withdrawal
beg knees to the floor
bruised feet kick the door
as it swings shutting out opportunities for more


All things considered
I implore
keep arms stretched out for your
next chance to draw
conclusions from a war
mind mental strains
thinking that invasion's a cure
of minds that are pure
primary colors rising from the shore
create a fortress of solitude, demanding attitude
waves crashing along a different lattitude
asking questions like how you do
when answers teeter further from the truth
stepping out of my own telephone booth
worries tear me apart like like a lions tooth
guiding the way the way, sayer soothes
quicker than greyhounds wearing running shoes
showing my foes up with my stutter move

All things considered
I have shivered in the cold
stamped this font bold
waded oceans, cast form and mold
sold lies, with dry eyes despite ties
to the truth I uphold
with pedestal tipping foundation toppled
drop form foundations are old,
minus celsius causing cracks to unload
fervent faces a tear laces the folds
currently some cry, but boo hoo
the who do, that you knew
ghostly shadows, magic witch voodoo,
they use true views on this blown fuse
explodes, is rewired and turned loose
thru nightly news, peruses, causes chilly blues, it's curved clues
are what I use when I choose to move on to my next groove.

But all things considered
he hasn't withered, though we, murky in the dithers
people purported, supported, so he slithered
like a snake in the garden
mere immortal imparted
scaly as a lizard
knowledge denied us by This Lord
After one bite, spit out and saw the light,
didn't need it to discover that its in here
Now cast to the edge
as the apple sped
certain he delivered
us to sin, and now we want to be let back in
but instead cast out in this blizzard.


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