Media-ocracy (*)

Now that I've Battened down the hatches
patched up these holes with patches
removed all the pins from their latches
and though I've just run out of matches,
so flint and friction can't fashion
a blazing inferno reaction
you shouldn't be knocking my actions
I've formed a marvelous faction
bought a large patch of land
for really nearly a fraction
of the price they were askin
all because of
my smoke and mirror distractions
and because the economies static

It's at night that I invite
all the riots you incite
with your fires burning bright
stoke the passions to excite
casting words that we recite

So now you know what all the facts is
Veering towards these fabulous
action packed reactions
deteriorating mental lapses
here to capture all your tracks in
careful sewn tight packages
turn these thoughts into actions
into visible mental images
succinct visionary visages
glistening burning bridges
after removing all their hinges
on destruction based binges
I've carefully glimpsed in images
on projected high definition televisions
from the back of those hatch back GEO Prizms
trunks lifted to bass box collisions
but don't take my advice
given in these sessions
cause my PHD
is more show and less discression
an honorary degree
given by economists when we were in a recession
they were blindly wasting all your savings
call it aiding and abettin.
But if we wager with them their the victim
the SEC doesn't have it in them
so see the true villains off to Prison
so their back trading for their millions

It's at night that I invite
all the riots you incite
with your fires burning bright
stoke the passions to excite
casting words that we recite

This set it and forget get it addiction
turned paid programming affliction
"as seen on TV" dis-ease of invention
clever technical suspensions
of realistic consumer
reality based obsessions
got to have it ten seconds
and still we have yet to learn our lessons
store it up for post apocalyptic
consumer protections
but when doomsday comes a knocking
God will be kicking all their heads in.

Click of the channel conniption fit I can't handle
while depicting the angle of that box on the mantle,
this controller I handle, shut out the lights and the banter
now lighting this room with a candle,
cause I need all the power to display the televised vandals
to tell me what I can fix with the twist of the wrist,
caught in the midst of this suspenseful trist,
that lands us back in the mix
of the hollywood grind, finding our vision going blind
circular ocular binds that now can't tell the day from the night
once cast back into the light, hoping the pixelated delight
will avoid a much needed respite. despite the shutting of eyes
no-doze to keep up the fight, committing unthinkable crimes,
again is it day or the night, the blinds have shut out the light
but I don't care if its right, cause I've got this cabled supply.
HIgh-definition in site


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