I remember the steady flow
rabble rouser battling from head to toe
saying set me free but dont let me go
hoping the break is clean as the ax is thrown
I spark like flint when the pressures on
a diamond in the rough, yeah those heads'll nod
they know i dont shimmer but im worth bettin on
so lay your money down, watch me ramble on
a snake in the bush dont have much to say
just lie in wait so patiently for his prey
hoping a wayward soul will simply lose his way
cause when it does man there is no need to pray
knelt in the pew, in an empty church
my back is bent like a winter birch
frozen cold components that i need to nurse
but sheltered in the warmth, man it could be worse
i could be somewhere lying in a shallow grave
so criminal that even the lord won't save
the western wind whips striking me like a wave
trying to stand, you watch as my body cave
the crest of the ridge asks the sun what are you hiding from
but soon those shafts of light beaming from the rising sun
splinter the sky, belie it's hidden nature as it climbs each wrung
and soon the ridge disappears in its shadow look what its become
I remember my steady flow
calm as the morning before the wind would blow
saying don't tell me but begging that you need to know
knowing the seed is sewn and hoping that it'll grow


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