Aloha Friday Motivation | Cinco De Roses Edition | POST:050523

Aloha and Happy Cinco De Derby, or Kentucky De Maio, or whatever clever mashup you come up with!

 Like the celestial event of a full lunar eclipse, the alignment of the Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Maio, falling on the same weekend, is not rare but certainly special...and certainly special to the adult beverage companies that reap the rewards of this twofer! In fact, Cinco De Maio already rivals the Super Bowl for most beer sales in the US. Further, while being a Mexican Holiday, celebrating the Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla in honor of a military victory over the French Forces of Napoleon III, it is actually more popular in the US than in Mexico. Cinco De Maio happens also to be the anniversary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte (5/5/1821). So this must have been a somber day for Napoleon III having lost his uncle on the same day, albeit 41 years later.

The Run for the Roses, the start of the Triple Crown Run with all its pomp and circumstance, ushers in the excitement of the potential next triple crown winner! For those that pay attention, there have been two in recent years (2015 & 2018). If you look at the history of the triple crown, Sir Barton kicked it off in 1919. Then in the 30’s, 3 horses won in that decade. The next run of winners came in the 40’s, as there were 4. Next a big gap until the next batch of winners , a total of 3 in the 70’s. The next drought lead up to the 2010’s with 2 winners. I was fortunate enough to watch them both live, from a local watering hole of course.

What’s the likelihood of another this year, well higher than normal. There are five in the running currently. What makes the triple crown so elusive. Durability! For a horse to endure all three races and win, is a formidable task when fresh legs take to the starting gate for the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Add to it the fact that the Belmont stakes is the longest of the three and it’s like saving Everest for last. Race on over to these Kentuck Derby Fun Facts.

So, this weekend, grab your oversized hat, put on your Sunday’s finest (on Saturday) get your Mint Julips and Coronas on ice, all while listening to Run for the Roses | Jerry Garcia Band ft Bruce Hornsby! It should be dandy!