Aloha Friday Motivation | Marley and Mothers Edition | POST:051223

Happy Aloha Friday Y’all,

Ah, the second Sunday of May is nearly upon us and for many, the stage is set for a perfectly tranquil retreat for the Mom or Moms in your life, to allow them to take the day light, be waited upon, getting a back rub, and enjoying a little reprieve from the hubbubs and chaos of Motherhood. For others, I just reminded you, for the third time this week, and you are scrambling to see if 1800 Flowers or Bouqs can deliver flowers on time (you’re welcome).

Regardless of the position you are in, this Sunday should be a reflection on and outpouring of gratitude for the mothers in our lives, many of whom literally birthed us. If any of you dads out there are like me, then your wife is not only parent to your kids, but mother of an additional son!! For me, my wife is the rock of our family, the glue that binds, the cornerstone, lynchpin, and savior of sanity. So to all the mothers out there, take the day, seize it, let it be your “YES” day. To the fathers: Don’t fudge this up…and learn how to sprinkle a little of the mother’s day love into the rest of the year.

On a lighter note, yesterday marked the birth of and passing of two famous artists, Salvador Dali (b.1901) and Bob Marley (d. 1981). During my formative years, I was obsessed with Bob Marley. I found every bootlegged cassette of his live performances, VHS of his concerts and documentaries…I even rocked dreadlocks (some would say successfully) from 1997-2003 (check out the side by side below).  Some say that Bob’s music was protest music, meant to inspire people to overcome oppression in their lives…I don’t think that’s necessarily wrong, but, to me, his music was also about love, uniting people across the world, and recognizing the interconnectivity of it all. In fact, the effect of his music was just that, connecting the world through his music, THE universal language. As Bob said, “One good thing about music, when it hits, ya feel no pain!” Here are some additional amazing Bob Marley quotes that show his prophetic, passionate, and sensitive side!

So as we step into the weekend, focused on the mother’s in our lives, let’s let that spirit of love from Bob Marley’s music carry us. Below is a link to a full concert, which is worth a listen, but if you need just a few tracks to get you by, please enjoy Could You Be Loved, Coming in from the Cold, Natural Mystic, and Trenchtown Rock.  Bob Marley | Live at the Rainbow (full concert)