Aloha Friday Motivation | Asteroids and Meteors and Einstein...Oh My | POST:063023

Happy Aloha Friday!

Your energetic potential is enormous. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact, it can be calculated. How? Well, on this day in 1905 Albert Einstein published a paper laying the groundwork for his theory of Special Relativity; that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared: E=mc2. What is its significance…about as enormous as your energetic potential. Feel free to READ for yourself. This article does an amazing job of making Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity and Physics approachable.

But to summarize,

  1. Mass can be converted into real Energy and, vice versa.
  2. How much energy you can get from Mass can be calculated
  3. The amount of potential energy in even the tiniest of matter is enormous. (If you want to get a more real world perspective of how this equation impacts you, read THIS. It is absolutely mind-blowing!)

So as you step into what, for many, will be a long weekend celebrating our Nation’s independence, watching the mesmerizing display of fireworks, know that E=mc2 is on full display as the bombs burst in the air!

Here is some Jack Johnson and Paula Fuga to start off the festivities with Country Road. And Jack Johnson from Kokua 2010 singing Constellations, whose stars are another example of E=mc2 in action.   

Have a safe and happy 4th!



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