Aloha Friday Motivation | Labor Day Edition | POST:090123

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I hope everyone is gearing up for a phenomenal Labor Day Weekend. Unofficially, the last weekend (or bookend) of summer, this is the official holiday for workers…so, well, basically, everyone. The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882 in NYC in accordance with the Central Labor Union. This caught on and spread to half the country in just two years. A decade later, a law, put into effect by President Grover Cleveland, proclaimed the first Monday in September of each year to be observed as the Labor Day holiday.

Labor Day celebrates the tireless campaigning of women and men fighting for workers’ rights at a time when things like Work/Life Balance, Workplace Safety, paid time off, sick leave, mat/pat leave, etc…were pipe dreams. It is because of these efforts that these luxuries of yesteryear are now the norm.

Now I know you are asking, what the hell does it mean to never wear white after labor day? Some say this was a concept created by the “old money elite” of the time to separate themselves from the newly wealthy. Later on, this fashion trend spread to the masses and was adopted by all, noting that you take out your whites out at the onset of summer (Memorial Day) and store them away when summer ends (Labor Day). According to most, now, it is just nonsense, classist, and elitist.

Be sure to check out these 15 songs to celebrate workers as you pass the time this weekend.