I Don't SpaceBook and other musings...

Where to begin...I imagine where one must always start, one foot in front the next dear sir! But I must preface, that is mask my rumorings, musings, wingdings, hullabaloo, and other what-nots with a fresh Teflon coating, and relinquish my self from the mire I might find myself akin to and sliding in one of these days with hunt and pecking fervor of my type-click-appear: To the Meat!!
I am not a blogger, in fact, for all intensive purposes this is the anti-blog, this is the Beelzebub of the heavens-realm, staged couthly; bell hooks sort of lower case affirmation of a position; an aerial attack of the passive kind-staged sit in, sit on, right out of Lil ole Passaic! But nay say thee, as I am not from that particular area...I will use many facets of the grammatical kind, winding thoughts together semi-colon style, and my stance as a non blogging neophyte of the triptych type may speak of music; may let on about fears of the heart, may implore you to retort, to agree, to smear, to tear and smear ten inch cuff linked collars and cuffs to a smattering of merriment and hilarity! Might I add, when the spirit moves you, do not reply!
Now, if it must be said, hello geoffrey, and in my mind it must, I don't space book or my face, tweez or tinge, tango or tabulate, label or congregate: But I might start by offering something new, something fresh, I like to call it Limbo! One does not Limbo, so to speak, as much as one might be in Limbo, that too is not to completely encapsulate, Sartrian style, the wonderful folly that is this Limbo! It is that one is all at once Limbo! But I digress...back to the first steps, the moment and reason, sanity and staycation on the topic, cause that is why I am here!
I only exist of the Internet, found conveniently in Black Framed Screens, and Smackberry's alike, as a runner from some obscure town in some obscure state, in this our obscure smattering of states we live in! I altavista'd myself recently to enlighten mine own self of mine own self. I may now exist of a whole new creation and cease to be bogged down by this single solitary singularity of a singlexistence. I am no longer the runner from "X" High School in New Jersey who posted a 4:34.26 in the 1600m! Torn from the shackles now, I am all at once some now back to my original form, running, and hoping to post better times than my previous web-saved time in the 1600m!
I am humoring myself like I feel others are, that I may one day be mentioned simulcast style with the likes of Golfer's Mistress, I do not recall this Golfer's name; something to do with an Animal, a Jaguar, or Harp Lizard, or Angling Maltese Spitter, wielding his 9 Iron, shackled to the same fame that claimed his name irradicated from my now long flowing and well honed memory. I will only acknowledge my want of such stature as this Golfer, or that Actor, not the names of that Golfer or that Actor, prolific and self explanatory as they may be, of the Billionaire-bobble headed, boney, brain bashed masses of neo-unintellectual, money hording, million pair of shoe march, honey suckling, teet fondling, nookie sucking, noodlings of the fab-famous-former serial activist for the Darfur youth and Ikea Nesting Instinct! Yes, I stole it Pallniuckian as it may sound and is(and how I just went back on what I said I wasn'g going to do) or is that just a slight the Chuck, and no not Norris; god knows he would kick my feebleness into idolatry!
But this may be a first, a single step forward toward the movement of the Limbo, as I ressurect it, crown topped and chocalate dipped, tipped, sipped and relipped, sprung jailbird style from the definition of a pole toting bar-mitzvah novelty! Resurrect you to the founding values of our cyber nation, mother board plantation, planting a home made staycation to freeze synergistic firings of our mental justifications of why, we need not leave the office room, fingers curled in carpal dispair, waiting in vein to grip the lettered board, ready to smatter letters as blood spatter, to blank white screen and develop yet another cyber murder scene!


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