This is it, this is me saying good bye
I watch these memories 
like moments passing by
So sudden but fuckem 
you can’t take em when you die
So I erase em replace em 
With all these tears that I cry
I’m erupting, assumptions, presumptive
This loving corrupted was something
Now nothing, and whether your bumming
I wonder what happens but frozen
In moments I’m slumming and yet I know why
So I pretend and I render the moment
Surrender I try to define what I felt but I’m rendered
And when I am done I succumb and I wonder
This blunder could leave me 
with all these tears that I cry
I’m not certain but know that i must say goodbye
This blueprint is soothing but soon it’s confusing
I’m losing my grip and I take a deep sigh
The crimson and brimstone and rhythm 
It’s home grown and I’m thinking like ozone and broken like your phone and soaking in the sun with the clouds passing by


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