We carry the torch high for this one
I’m not gonna lie I’m wishing 
We could have a taste of our own medicine
Set your scopes take your mark got your target
Got em in your sights now your set but you park it
You just Unlock the lock and decide to let em in 
My thoughts like the nights stars are scattered and and hard to make out
But the voice in my head, incessant decides it is gonna shout
I’d love some peace and quiet but that’s just a nice sentiment
I’m battered and bruised 
You decide to cut loose
Say you got nothing to gain
I know i got nothing to lose
So throw the switch light fuse
It’s you bed to make so you must choose
And like a head fake it’s just a ruse
You haven’t got all night
And me I haven’t a clue 

I’m unsure whether this is a dream or reality
Cause outside the window pain it’s raining like pathetic fallacy
If your not gonna turn that shit down well then allow me
I stand up pull that fucker out the wall, throw a bottle through the screen and stand there proudly
Like this is my mess I confess it could of been handled a different way
But the past is the past ain’t no turning back unless your in some movie
Though this could be a dream, I tried to speak the moment washed right through me
Another voice shouted out you owe me a television I said who me

I’ve been lying low cause laying is so jaded though the song is playing way to slow I like to think that’s all I know and praying for the radio to take me home and put me down an offer on some pedestal subliminal so easy must be criminal, the captions act like a pistol they blow my mind a metronome I’m petrified and letting go so simplify decisions though and remember to just let me go    


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