The Short: Spectacular Plane Ride, Wondrous Views, Fantastic Arena, The Band’s Atomic Grooves!
      The Long:
      (I am going to tell it like it is, cause that’s how it should be; it should, I say, because, who wants the run around…I’ll give it like an arrow straight to the bull’s-eye of the matter at hand: Dick’s is the greatest venue ever! )
      I know, I know, you are thinking, “Greatest Ever??” Surely some of that hippie crack has seeped from it’s metallic canister’s twisted valve, and surely been inhaled by yours truly…nope, not the case. I present to you an argument, or a rationalization, or just my perception of this reality. So here goes.
      First, the flight in; (of course you have to be coming from a place of much lesser altitude to appreciate this POV) it's phenomenal. As you burst through the clouds, finally catching sight of land below, little matchbox cars inching their way across interstate and rural roads, those which run so perpendicular and parallel to each other it hurts, when you do begin to see the approach, (stomach turning sensation of a downward trek) you expect your ears to begin their pressure building, like the drums are going to beat straight from their position in the inner ear, if you don’t somehow plug your ears. But no, as the approach becomes more rapid, the landing in sight, no uncomfortable feeling occurs. Flying into Mile High, is mighty fine!
      Second, the accessibility; from the airport it is a straight 10 mile shot to the first set of hotels, restaurants, and other purveyors of various accoutrement, haberdashers, tobacconist, the like…once arriving at ones hotel, there is no need to survey the area, much more than a few minutes from your new place of rest, that which you will call home for the next two days to fortnight. And, taboot, the prices for these captains of the lodging kind, being so competitive with their brethren, nestled so closely together, in relative vicinity, across the street, their pricing demands thrift; and who is not, when on tour, or a segment of tour, or flying in for a marathon two day run, thousands of miles from home, not trying to be thrifty!
      The surrounds, Greater Denver, et al. To see is to believe, and once you have begun to head west on I70, out of Aurora, and onto the main thoroughfare, lining the bottom of anyone’s view, and jutting up with majestic capped peaks, the Rockies thin air is almost breathable. The expansiveness of the Denver area is so in your face, you practically get inundated with breathtaking landscapes in every direction. Though I have heard, prior to Dick’s, no one stepped foot in commerce city, a transformation has occurred, but still, I am told by locals, do not look for anything else in Commerce City, all you will find is meth, it’s riddled addicts, and whores! (Saturday evening high school football games had to be switched to Saturday morning, as no one wanted to be caught dead in Commerce City after dark!
      The Venue: Parking Lot scene is very relaxed. While there are a few different entrances, the easiest is taking Havana off of I70 (whichever direction on I70, head North on Havana) and upon Exit taking that down to the end. When you get to the end take a left on to E 56TH. This will take you to the main entrance of Dick’s. Regardless of where you park, you pay $15.00. Regardless of where you park, you are very close to the venue. Regardless of where you park, you are in the thick of it, and its about to get weird.
      The Band: (See my reviews for more inter-reflection, and sub atomic weaving of particles, previously unknown in the vast confines of our galaxy) That being said, it might be the thin air that intoxicates everyone; (The Rocky Mountain High!); Possibly the jagged peaks that lay due west, just out of reach, that then fade like a rainbow into the clouds! (There was a full rainbow on night three, sick as all…); it is definitely the most intimate large capacity seating I have ever witnessed, and the band certainly gets a grand view from stage! What we now know of at Dick’s is phishy-goodness will ensue, previously unreported-now active volcanoes will erupt and send magma and lava and billowing into the air, implosions of earth will ensue, cosmic shifts in one or orther –sphere will induce all elk in the outlying area into birth, and Chris Kuroda will dominate yet another visual summation of what has just occurred. And right before the last notes ring into the night, spewing us from the venue in our post show glow, the world will right itself, trees replanted, volcanoes receding to the earth, elk’s baby’s dissolve from existence, and Kuroda’s lights will flicker to an accentuated ember, pop and fade. That’s Dick’s!


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