If happiness is a warm gun, than right now, life for a Phish fan, is like the aftermath of one serious shoot out (think O.K. Coral) The band has risen to the level of a new age samurai, wielding their respective instruments (think Fishman's Stix as Sword turned laser gun) like warrior guns, able to thwart anything, I repeat, anything that stands in their way.
      Phish tour has become a don't miss nightly highlight reel, capable of delivering multiple times, and not just in segments of set, but as complete units. The sheer anticipation of what is to come, is mathematically squared by the "not-so" of chance that the boys may take a chance on the "used-to-be" on off time they jammed out (fill in the blank).
      Given the jams/gems the band has formed from the ether, into the ether, peaking around the corner of time and, looking back upon itself, embarking on the adventure past the edge of existence, nightly the boys are once again re-inventing what The Phish is, and we are luck to be in the audience, happily lapping it up. Roses, the many Ghosts of summer's present, Golden Age, Antelope(s) Slave, Hood (and this is not evening bringing to the table bust-out central) Couple this with the patience and practice that is going into, and was put into this tour, the boys have come close, and are due for that perfect game. The question now; Wantagh or Saratoga?


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